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Your Advanced CRM & Ticket Management Solution

Unleash the potential of Hollat—an innovative solution seamlessly integrating customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities with advanced ticket management functionalities.



offers a comprehensive ticket management software solution tailored to empower both businesses and government entities in efficiently and effectively handling their customer support requests.

Effortlessly streamline your processes, expertly prioritize cases, and deliver unparalleled customer experiences with Hollat's versatile platform.

Seamless Ticketing

Stay connected with your customers across various communication channels. Hollat ensures that you're always available to assist, regardless of the channel they prefer.


Enhanced Collaboration

Equip your agents with everything they need to collaborate seamlessly and communicate effectively. Hollat promotes teamwork and enables secure interactions with customers.


Smart Automation

Why spend valuable time on routine tasks? Let Hollat's smart automation handle the repetitive aspects of customer support, freeing up your team for more meaningful interactions.


Insightful Reporting

Gain a comprehensive view of your customer service efforts through insightful reporting. Measure key metrics, identify trends, and continuously improve your support strategies.

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Stay on track and task-focused with our
user-friendly, feature-rich dashboard.

  • Statuses and Priorities

    Easily differentiate and prioritize support cases using a convenient dataset that evolves as you gain more insights into your customers' needs.

  • Custom Tags and Fields

    Enhance your ticket details with descriptive tags and configurable custom fields to accurately reflect the situation at hand.

    Custom Tags and Fields
  • Rich Text Composer

    Craft your responses with precision using our rich text message area, allowing you to format text, insert links, share images, attachments, and even record your screen.

  • Efficient Organization

    Keep your workspace clutter-free and relevant with dedicated folders for archiving, marking as spam, and moving to the trash.

    Efficient Organization


Advanced Ticketing Analysis and Reporting Explore insightful visual reports to gain a profound understanding of individual and team performance , empowering continuous improvement.

different reports

Learn the whole truth about your on-the-job performance and plan a growth strategy for your team.

Weekly summary reports

Stay up to date and get an overview of your team's achievements in a single message.

Feedback request

Review the collected feedback and see if you've met your goal of fulfilling the recipient's expectations.

Report generation

Export a handy report of different time ranges and share successes with your fellow company members.


Create the communication hub to be on top of things

Keep every customer message at your fingertips by bringing multiple digital channels together in one place.

Contact forms

Be approachable and give your website visitors an intuitive contact form they can fill out within minutes.



Set up multiple email addresses so that copies of your messages go straight to one ticketing system.


Social media channels

Organize your daily conversations on social media channels in HelpDesk. No more switching around!


Integrations and API

Use our extensive API docs to build your technology stack with the IT ticket system at the very center.



Prolong the journey started with a ChatBot conversation through a ticket managed by your team.


Live chats

Connect LiveChat or other live chat solutions to create a manageable ticket from any real-time chat.

Seven Key Features of Hollat Software

Now that you have an understanding of the various Hollat software solutions available, let's delve into the essential features that define outstanding Hollat solutions:


1. Effortless Ticket Management

Hollat software empowers customer support agents to efficiently manage tickets. Each ticket represents a customer's inquiry or issue, allowing agents to assign, customize fields, set priorities, define status, collaborate, and attach files with ease.

2. Seamless Email Integration

Streamline your communications by integrating email, consolidating incoming and outgoing messages. Hollat's email integration keeps your team organized and efficient, reducing time spent on email management.


3. Multi-Channel Support

Hollat’s Omnichannel feature is its ability to handle inquiries from various channels, including call centers, emails, chats, website forms, and chatbots. Manage all these communication channels in one place, enabling swift and effective responses to customer requests.

4. Comprehensive Ticket Tracking and Reporting

Gain insight into your support team's performance with ticket tracking and reporting. Monitor ticket statuses, resolutions, and closures to measure effectiveness and identify areas for improvement. Uncover trends and communication issues for prompt resolution.


5. User Management Simplified

Easily manage user accounts with Hollat's user management features. Create, edit, or delete users, set permissions, and track activity history. Ensure data security and keep your Hollat team organized with visibility into user interactions.

6. Seamless Integration with External Systems

Hollat seamlessly integrates with other systems, enabling data inclusion in tickets and synchronization with various applications. For instance, integrate your customer relationship management system to consolidate customer information and ensure data consistency.


7. Customized Workflows for Your Business:

Tailor Hollat to your unique business needs with customizable workflows. Create specific workflows for different channels, configure automated assignment rules, and streamline ticket routing and escalation. Automate operations for exceptional customer service, such as intelligent ticket assignment and resolution prioritization. Modify workflows effortlessly without disrupting your Hollat operation

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