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Happy agents and co-promoters with productivity and automation to meet your needs.

It is a system that enables organizations to manage customer tickets and requests from complaints, inquiries and service requests.

The system enables the classification of tickets according to priority and severity.

The system distributes tickets to the departments according to the nature of the ticket and the service level agreement.

Multiple reports can be viewed and key performance indicator.

Customers now expect faster responses, personal interactions, and seamless chats across different channels.

A customer support program that gives you everything you need to provide exceptional support

The main Objectives:

The main objective of this system is to automate the services of beneficiaries in enterprises through an advanced multi-channel technology system for customer (beneficiary) experience

Providing a better service by seamlessly linking all transactions of the beneficiary at all points of contact in dealing with customer services (digital channels, call center, as well as field transactions if any),

Through the journey of the customer experience, we support showing a clear view of the beneficiaries of their data, requests, and record of their dealings in all aspects (360) degrees,

Achieving strategic goals and aligning with the Kingdom's 2030 vision in automating systems and providing the best services to beneficiaries on all communication channels and achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction with customer services.

Achieving the best response time to inquiries and requests from beneficiaries and responding with the required information, as well as implementing the request of the beneficiary in the targeted time and with minimal effort and time possible.

Understanding the beneficiary’s journey (customer): Through the advanced features that it provides in Hollat CRM system, the system will provide the responsible departments with a clear vision of the beneficiary’s experience and clarify his journey from the first communication on all points of communication (multiple communication channels) and with ease and can build all expectations and possibilities that benefit in developing the beneficiary experience for the next stages and enable The customer to provide his services to the beneficiaries in more efficient and high quality.


Happy agents and co-promoters with productivity and automation to meet your needs.